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Today in Liberia

Liberian News Sources:

Liberian Culture

  • Bong Town
  • Allows the viewer to download and listen to music created by Liberians.
  • New World African Press
  • This link is a look at new books coming out of Liberia, as well as other countries in Africa. The press publishes both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts that are rooted mainly in issues of the African Diaspora.
  • Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
  • Informational web site on Patricia Jabbeh Wesleyl, Ph. D., a poet from Liberia. Provides a detailed background of her life, present work, and future projects.
  • The Palava Hut
  • The Palava Hut is a traditional Liberian forum for the civil dispension of issues. It is a venue where discussions germinate and ideas explose into creativity.
  • The Perspective
  • Provides articles written about Liberia by Liberians.
    • Link to Music
    • Specific link from the above web site that focuses on the struggles of musicians in Liberia.
  • Travel to Liberia
  • US State Department´s Web site for information on traveling to Liberia.
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