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Affiliated Projects

  • The Papers of W.V.S. Tubman
  • William Vacanarat Shadrack Tubman (1895-1971) remains as Liberia´s longest serving president (1944-1971). The collection consists of over 65,000 items salvaged from the Tubman mansion in 2005, and includes government documents, presidential correspondence, personal correspondence of family and friends, and community related memorabilia. Each of these items adds to the historical description and dimension of the life and development of Liberia, as well as to the personality of this dynamic presidency.
  • Liberian Studies Association
  • The Liberian Studies Association (LSA) is a non-profit, scholarly organization created to provide a means for effective cooperation among persons interested in furthering research in all scholarly disciplines, on topics relevant to the Republic of Liberia and adjacent areas. LSA promotes the publication and dissemination of research, cooperation with scholarly organizations, and cultural, scientific, and educational institutions (nationally and internationally). The organization also encourages interest in Liberian affairs that help stimulate and facilitate academic contacts and educational exchanges between Liberia and the United States. The Liberian Studies Association produces the second oldest African studies journal published continuously in the United States. The organization publishes the Liberian Studies Journal, which is published bi-annually in June and December.
  • The Annual Liberian Conference
  • The Liberian Annual Conference is held each spring, and features more than two full days of presentations and panel discussions on a broad range of subjects devoted to Liberia. The 39th Annual Conference was held from March 23-25, 2007, hosted by Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Papers and PowerPoint presentations will be added to the web site as they become available.
  • The Liberian Constitutions
  • Include the unabridged copies of the four constitutions enacted in Liberia´s national history, plus the proposed draft constitution of 1983. The page also includes a copy of Liberia´s July 16, 1847 Declaration of Independence.
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