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The Liberian Studies Association is a scholarly organization created to provide a means for effective cooperation among persons interested in furthering research in all scholarly disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, on topics relevant to the Republic of Liberia, and adjacent areas; to publish and otherwise disseminate the results for such research; to cooperate with scholarly organizations, and cultural , scientific, and educational institutions, nationally and internationally, having mutual interests in the exchange and presentation of information and ideas resulting from research in the subject field; to encourage interest in Liberian affairs, and to stimulate and facilitate academic contacts and educational exchanges between Liberia and the United States. The Association shall not take any official corporate position on or seek to influence any legislation or policies of the United States or the Republic of Liberia.

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The organization publishes the Liberian Studies Journal bi-annually in June and December.

View cumulative idexes to the Liberian Studies Journal - Volumes 1-21, 1968-1996
prepared by Arnold Odio

Volumes 1-10
Volumes 11-14
Volumes 15-21

For More Information Contact
Dr. Mary Moran, Secretary Treasurer
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY 13346
(315) 228-7538



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